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About Scootertronics

About Scootertronics

Serving the Powersports market since 2003.

Scooter Experts Motorcycle Builds CG125-250 Specialist

Scootertronics is part of the Straight Up Performance family which also includes Scootpower and SRC race team.

As of Nov 2013 Scootertronics is being updated online for products that are sold online this does include scooter brands and certain parts brands we will no longer carry. This may include parts we will NO longer offer.

There are quite a few changes for 2014 that are being updated now through Jan 2014 that include all phases of business. Times change and so does Scootertronics who is here to stay for another 10 years.

Scootertronics located in MD and NJ with the Scooter Shop southern Maryland we will pick up repair and return you can find products plus is a specialized niche scooter shop for all type scooters from China and Taiwan and Italy like Piaggio Vespa brand as well as many others. Go Carts and ATVs are included in what we do also having the same engines we can work our magic over all of them. We have been here since 2003 and we are a shop not a drop shipper. If it's a scooter we do it.

Cleveland Cyclewerks motorcycles sold will the PDI will be done in NJ before delivery. All upgrades and mods are also done in NJ. We do ship these to customers who do not have a dealer near them. We do NOT dropship any motorcycles or scooters.

Creating a market and carving out a niche in the Twist and Go scooter industry Scootertronics continues to improve its service Nationwide and now Globally.

Scootertronics offers many parts online for all types of scooters that have all been tested and approved in our shop or designed by Straight Up Performance used in the Thunder Shop with proven results from our customers. This is how we know what works, we do not just throw parts at you.

We are simply those who care you get the right product for your scooter.

Scooter Blogs from Scootertronics

Scoot Power--Custom Scooter Performance Parts High Performance Scooter Parts New Parts for Scooters Read Up Understand Your Scooters Performance Needs

Scootertronics is not a huge warehouse pulling parts off a shelf.

Payments are charged when products are shipped except scooters and go carts. All payments are processed through Scootertronics and will show on your credit card statement as Scootertronics. Please email us for any concerns about card processing.

Scootertronics does NOT accept returns of scooters, go carts or any High-Performance Parts or Electrical Items.

No returns of used parts or parts installed and used.

This can be a harsh statement but is industry wide. However we are human and mistakes happen by us all and if we make a mistake it will certainly be taken care of correctly. But please do not except us or me to know every single thing about your scooter or your needs although I am very good at what I do and have wide respect among my peers throughout the industry,..

Scootertronics will pass on any and all manufacturer warranties, who have the sole responsibility for performing any such warranties made by the original manufacturer.

All returns must have RMA number and we must be contacted with 3 days of delivery and must be return at customers cost and none will be accepted after 14 days of delivery.

Scootertronics offers warranty service on all scooters and go carts for parts and labor. The scooter or go cart must be brought to us for service at our shop southern MD. We do offer a pick up service for additional cost if needed.

Scootertronics makes no warranty as to the products it distributes, express or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All Racing Parts are sold as off-road racing products for off-road closed circuit use only. It is up to the buyer to comply with all local ordinances, laws, and requirements. Items labeled as performance, racing, upgrades, or that modify the original engine are meant for off-road closed circuit use only.

Returns must be shipped to

Scootertronics 51 Greenwood PL Indian Head, MD 20640

Parts are shipped from different locations. If you send a product back without RMA or ship to a different address there will be no credit given or applied.

Scootertronics does not accept returns on high performance parts, parts that used or installed or broken during use.

No returns on electrical parts.

Scootertronics is the best source found for hard to find parts and most of all we tell you what scooters the parts work on.

The most important thing I have learned is that I am only human like all my customers.

Scootertronics started in 2003 and Scootertronics continues to improve every day with Straight Up Performance and The Thunder Shop

This is where I am supposed to tell you how great we are but what I will do is simply ask you what can we do for you. Let us know, We are here to help not tell you how great we are and how great our products are. You know that our products are the best which is why you came here so let us help its what we do.

No matter where you bought it we will help you get it up and running the way you need it done. We do pick up and delivery of your repairs also scooters go carts atvs motorcycles.

Our parts are for GY6 50 and 150 plus CN250 (172mm) and Linhai engines (170mm, 173mm)Mineralli, Fanco Morini, Piaggio. Yamaha Scooters, Piaggio, Kymco, TGB, Baccio, Jonway, JMStar plus Honda Scooters are included also well just about any scooter.

We also carry many high performance parts for Franco Morini engines used in TGB, Aprillia, Dragster and Hyosung scooters.

Scootertronics offer products service and parts for Yamaha, Honda, Kymco, Piaggio, SYM, Genuine, TGB and Hyosung.

Our Givi products are for Honda and Suzuki and many others.

Scootertronics sells scooters and motorcycles from

  • Cleveland CycleWerks
  • Linhai Aeolus Scooters
  • Adly Moto
  • CPI
  • Linhai ATVs
  • TNG 2008 Modeks

Scootertronics has been serving you since 2003 on the internet for scooters, ATVs Go Carts Buggys plus stock scooter parts and high performance scooter parts and much needed great accessories from Givi, Dowco, EMGO, Mikuni, Kehien, MRP, NCY, Polini, Dr Pulley and many amny more. Our accessories are for scooters from Honda and Yamaha to Jonway and Linhai.

If you do not see it on our site call us and we will get it for you.

Scootertronics offers scooters from top name companies as CF Moto,Adly Moto, CCW, CPI and Linhai. We service and sell parts for everything we sell plus our Go Carts and ATVs from Kinroad and Hammerhead.

Our shop is full service and ships and delivers ready to ride scooters with no drop-shipping. High performance parts are what we do best and mods to get your scooter up to speed to safley ride in traffic and that all time consuming commute enjoyable.

Scootertronics also rides everyday, works on scooters everyday and answers as many calls as we can and then take off on Sundays to race our scooters. So we are committed to scooters fully. Our SRC scooter racing team races in MD, VA, PA and NJ check our blog, twitter and here for our race dates.

Most of my goals and thoughts for Scootertronics have these points in common and how I approach my day and my customers.

  • Always endeavour to have a positive effect on others.
  • Have a mind set to contribute.
  • Refrain from causing negativity in my environment.
  • That my social and economic activities will have a positive impact on all thats dealt with here at scootertronics and my life..

    I believe we all need Personal Social Responsibility

    To me it is all about doing to others what you would like others do to you. It is about recognising how your behaviour affects others, and holding yourself accountable for your actions. It is about being in integrity and doing the right thing for all the right moral reasons.

    Always knowing that I am only human as with customers.

    Thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about scootertronics and the people behind the site.

    Michael Milstead

    It is the responsibility of the buyer and/or end user, and not Scootertronics, to ascertain, and obey, all applicable local, state, federal and international laws in regard to the possession, and use, of any item purchased from Scootertronics.

    All equipment is sold subject to public law and any local, state or federal ordinances or international law. All buyers must consult their local, state & county laws before ordering or purchasing products. By placing an order, the buyer represents that the products ordered will be used in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age and understands their state laws as they pretain to their purchase.

    Scootertronics will not be held liable for the misuse of any product purchased from us or any of our distributors & dealers. All high performance parts and scooters are for offroad use only.

  • yamaha zuma to cleveland cyclewerks motorcycles
    Leo Vince GY6 50 Exhaust
    NCY Minarelli Yamaha Zuma Exhaust
    Yamaha Zuma 50 Carb Upgrade Kit
    Tecnigas Next-R Minarelli Vertical 98-02
    Price: $179.99
    Sale: $169.99
    Price: $249.99
    Sale: $169.99
    Price: $99.99
    Sale: $89.99
    Price: $179.99
    Sale: $149.99

    Scootertronics experience in repairs and upgrades for all types of scooters from Vespa Piaggio Yamaha Honda Linhai GY6 and CN250 scooter and go cart engines plus ATVs gives Scootertronics the knowledge and expertise to get you the correct information to make an informed purchase.

    The Chinese scooters and those from Taiwan all use these GY6 engines in all their scooters and go carts. Scootertronics has since 2003 been at the forefront of this industry giving Scootertronics the knowledge that is gained from experience doing it full from our shop. Everything we offer we have tried ourselves and know it works. We have sold scooters and parts nationwide to all kinds of customers for all types, brands and names that are produced in Asia. This is what we are about so then what we are not about is a warehouse with a whole bunch of scooters and parts that we dropship* without a care in the world is what we are not about nor order takers sitting in a room not knowing what we are selling nor are we a clearance house with every single part in stock every single day. We do it right the first time to add freedom to your life and value to your purchase and never misleading you to make ourselves look good or someone else look bad, we make mistakes like most humans and we readily admit when we do. With Scootertronics you get peace of mind with your new scooter. "Ready to Ride" means when you buy from Scootertronics, You get your new scooter professionally assembled, prepared, test ridden and safety checked. You also have the option to buy your performance upgrades and have them installed with the same "Ready to Ride" peace of mind that you simply cannot get with another scooter dealer!

    Over $99.99

    48 Lower States Only

    yamaha zuma to cleveland cyclewerks motorcycles
    Leo Vince GY6 50 Exhaust
    Price: $179.99
    Sale: $169.99
    NCY Minarelli Yamaha Zuma Exhaust
    Price: $249.99
    Sale: $169.99
    Yamaha Zuma 50 Carb Upgrade Kit
    Price: $99.99
    Sale: $89.99
    Tecnigas Next-R Minarelli Vertical 98-02
    Price: $179.99
    Sale: $149.99
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