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Custom Mods

Custom Mods

Custom Scooter Upgrades and Mod Packages

Custom Carb Kits Built to Order

Custom Race Packages for Every Scooter from Yamaha to Kymco and Jonway and Eton we can get it done for you

Let us know what scooter you have, what you would like to get done, what kind of ridding you will do whether you commute, race or simply get around, whether you have lots of hills, lots of traffic and need torque and bottom more than top speed, if you are doing work yourself or only want to do X amount of simple work to just get a little more.

There are upgrades you can that change that are just weights and make sure your belt is good to cylinder kits plus exhaust and drive unit plus final drive trans.

You can do CVT drive and exhaust for better torque and not have to do cylinder upgrade but if you have a four stroke please do a cylinder upgrade.

We can build an engine for you or you send yours and we do it, its really simple and we will walk you through everything. Those who are not in a rush get best job at best price by giving us time to get special mark downs and better parts not in US. I import from all over and have many connections world wide to get correct parts

Quad and ATV racers we can build an engine for you also

Plus all you Quad Racers I use 90cc mineralli engines in my scooters to race so I know your engine all too well since 2004.

Kymco 50cc Quads I can build a killer engine for you to race your quad to the top of the line.

  • Jets
  • Air Filter
  • Carb
  • Intake
  • Reeds
  • Weights
  • Belt
  • Variator
  • Clutch
  • Clutch Bell
  • Crank

    You can do everything, the cyclinder kit gives the big bang rigth away,then add exhaust,get fuel and sir where you need it then move on to CVT

  • Scootertronics experience in repairs and upgrades for all types of scooters from Vespa Piaggio Yamaha Honda Linhai GY6 and CN250 scooter and go cart engines plus ATVs gives Scootertronics the knowledge and expertise to get you the correct information to make an informed purchase.

    The Chinese scooters and those from Taiwan all use these GY6 engines in all their scooters and go carts. Scootertronics has since 2003 been at the forefront of this industry giving Scootertronics the knowledge that is gained from experience doing it full from our shop. Everything we offer we have tried ourselves and know it works. We have sold scooters and parts nationwide to all kinds of customers for all types, brands and names that are produced in Asia. This is what we are about so then what we are not about is a warehouse with a whole bunch of scooters and parts that we dropship* without a care in the world is what we are not about nor order takers sitting in a room not knowing what we are selling nor are we a clearance house with every single part in stock every single day. We do it right the first time to add freedom to your life and value to your purchase and never misleading you to make ourselves look good or someone else look bad, we make mistakes like most humans and we readily admit when we do. With Scootertronics you get peace of mind with your new scooter. "Ready to Ride" means when you buy from Scootertronics, You get your new scooter professionally assembled, prepared, test ridden and safety checked. You also have the option to buy your performance upgrades and have them installed with the same "Ready to Ride" peace of mind that you simply cannot get with another scooter dealer!

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