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Performance 32mm Carb Kit

Performance 32mm Carb Kit

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Performance 32mm Carb Kit
Performance 32mm Carb KitPerformance 32mm Carb KitPerformance 32mm Carb KitPerformance 32mm Carb Kit

High Performance 32mm Carb Manual Choke

This carb has been install on may CN250cc engines as well as the Linhai engines with perfect results. By installing this carb you are doing away with the Auto/Electric choke that holds these engines back.

First used on a V5 and a Hammerhead Go cart that had exhaust installed also the results were the best of any combo tried, this carb alone opens up the engine with new found power.

Intakes on CN250 and Linhai do not have to change

Also install this carb of GY6 engines that have big bore kits on them and use 30mm intake system and NOT the chrome one, a Teflon intake is needed and yes we will set the whole system up for you for plug and play with correct air filter for your use.

You will get a carb completely set up with throttle cable, choke cable and Dual Layer UNI Filter we put everything together for plug and play install.

32mm Venturi CVK Performance carburetor by Keihin for your QMJ or QMI GY6 and CN/CF 250cc models. Goes well with a big-bore cylinder, when building a GY6. Or can be used as a QUALITY replacement carb for your 250cc - 300cc Linhai, CN250, CF Moto scooter.

Perfect upgrade for CF Moto V3 and V5 for much better starting and a lot more top end and overall performance.

Simply the best carb set up for larger scooter engines fully set up do not be fooled by others who sell this carb and do not even know its manual nor do they offer a throttle cable or choke which we do because they both have to be modifed for each set up so let us know what you are using for and we will custom make it.

138 Main Jet, 60 Idle Jet

This carb set up is simply the best we have come up with for high performance on 150 and 250 plus the 260 and 300. With a manual choke you are able to better control starting and air flow. We have found that the auto choke systems on all scooters does not work as well as manual so all scooters can be upgraded with carbs that have manual choke.

This carb may be used on GY6 150 engines and CN250 engines along with the Linhai/Yamaha four stroke engines.

Let us know what engine and we will set up cable.

When installing you will not need auto choke anymore which can be left hooked or unhooked, on liquid cooled engines water in/out to carb for auto choke can be looped.

Top of the line carb that adds performance to any 150 or 250 with a lot of gas and air so have a pipe on the engine also. You will have to do mods to a cable and a simple GY6 cable will work plus add choke cable.

Installed on a CN250 V5 from CF Moto this carb performed well above what I excepted so along with pipe and Uni Filter Dual Layer works best you get a lot of power.

Carb comes complete with

  • 32mm Carb
  • Throttle Cable
  • Choke Cable
  • Dual Layer UNI Air Filter

    These are the parts I have used on my V5 and 150 go carts.

    The manifold on CN250 and Linhai engines does not need to be changed.

    On GY6 150 engines the large chrome intake will be needed for carb to fit on engine
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